About us

About the Society

The Omani Society of Hematology (OSH) is a professional organization established under the umbrella of Oman Medical Association on 10th March 2015, with the vision of making a difference in patients with hematological (blood) disorders. OSH is committed towards excellence in professional development through networking of members and a valued partner of Omani community with blood disorders and strive to create an environment of professional development to help foster network of growth and improvement in the hematology care.


To unite all doctors in Oman under one umbrella and make their voices heard.


To enhance quality and standard of medical practice in Oman by advocating a healthy working environment for the members and supporting their continuous professional development.

OMA Objectives:

  • To promote the practice of Medical Profession and Allied Health Sciences in Oman.
  • To observe and adhere to the Code of Ethics of profession.
  • To facilitate continuing medical education & professional development opportunities both in Oman & Abroad.
  • To work towards the promotion of the doctor’s academic levels by supporting research.
  • To participate in health related issues in Oman.
  • To disseminate health awareness among the citizens
  • To support activities which help patients with special needs
  • To co-operate with other regional & international medical associations & societies to benefit members & the country.